The Isle of Forgotten Dreams

The Return To Saresh

The group has returned to Saresh yet again after another successful mission. The Trolls have been pacified and the with your help, Cernd has calmed the local druid circle.

Nigel has come up with a brilliant plan to solve the towns water supply issue by “renting” the groups decanter of endless water to them. The towns folk would welcome such a deal if that is indeed the parties course of action. This in turn will give the group a much needed time to craft items, relax, research, train…or simply enjoy the fruits of there labor in a vibrant town full of possibilities.

Still though…the group can’t afford to get to comfortable…after all, this is a hostile environment. Saresh is fighting for life each day and danger lurkers everywhere.

With that all being said…I’d like everyone to let me know asap what they would like to do as far as downtime and how long they might need. I believe 10 days is the longest time I’ve heard thus far? Does anyone need more than that?



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