The Isle of Forgotten Dreams

The Adventure Begins

The adventure begins 2015-6-14 from 1 to 6. Will everyone be able to make that? I can’t wait to get started.

A few house rules as always do apply…

No 3rd party source material…that should be a given, but I feel it should be said.

all classes are open

Firearms can and do exist but they are rare and expensive.

All characters start at LVL 3 using a 25 point buy system.

if you want to roll, i’d be more than happy to entertain the thought..but you’re stuck with your rolls…good or bad.

Starting gold/gear will be appropriate for 3rd lvl.

all characters will be posted here so that I might get familiar with your class.

I look forward to killing you all….I mean…gaming with you all and I’m looking forward to a great time!



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