The Isle of Forgotten Dreams

A Storm is Brewing

After each of you found your way to Calinpor you found out that you weren’t the only ones contacted by Sorna. This Semon Haverion has invited all 5 of you for a purpose you as of yet do not know. However, given the danger posed by obtaining the Talismans of Talos you doubt that it’s for anything simple…or safe.

Each of you arrived in the town as strangers, but have made allies of one another…either by proven skill or necessity you have found greater strength together.

You have each heard stories of you benefactor and have completed his task ahead of schedule. Now all that remains is to turn them in to Oloff. But the question still lingers in each of your minds…What does the Tide Lord want with the five of you?

After the successful raid on the Temple of Talos your group found a few treasures, but they also learned that the followers of Talos are powerful indeed. They have contacts and plots yet unseen and the group may be in danger. You have slain many of there faithful to complete this task, and you doubt that they would simply let such a slight pass unanswered.


I hope you all enjoyed the first session, I look forward to our next meeting on the 5th. A big THANK YOU goes to Tom for hosting…man you got the set up!!!! Ha

I will ask that everyone please post and update your charters here on obsidian portal as it helps me gauge encounters and much needed wealth values. Help me help you :-P

That all being said I think this will be a very fun group and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!



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