The Isle of Forgotten Dreams

A mysterious Message

Each of you have been contacted by a lone, mysterious messenger. This messenger was wearing a simple brown cloak that dragged on the ground a bit. His horse was a stallion of an obviously expensive and rare bloodline. His clothing was well kept and made of fine fabrics.

Some of you where harder to find than others, but he still tracked all of you down..He identified himself as Sorna Nish, Official Messenger of The Tide Lord of Carpinia, The exalted Semon Haverion. Sorna is a young man and seems to be in excellent physical shape. With a smooth and confident presents he presented each of you with a sealed scroll. Each one bares the seal of the Tide Lord.

Almost as quickly as he made his appearance to each of you, he leaves with only a simple but courteous fare well. And with a warning ..“Don’t be late.”

Confused and curious you each break the blue wax seal and unroll the scroll. It is an invitation from the Tide Lord himself. Many of you might not be to familiar with the Tide Lord himself, but his legend has reached each of you at least in some small measure.

The invitation reads…

Greeting my friend,

I am Semon Haverion, Tide Lord of Carpinia. I have an offer for you, that you might find most interesting…and more importantly profitable. You are receiving this invitation because you have demonstrated a measure of skill above that of more common folk and I seek brave souls such as yourself for a new endeavor.

I regret that I can’t tell you all the details yet, but I promise that if you agree to meet, you will be compensated for your time.

You are to head to the port city of Calenpore, there you will find a sea side tavern called “The Seas bounty”. Talk to the bar keep and display to him the Talisman of the Storm Lord. He will instruct you from there.

Where can you get a Talisman you might ask? Heh…well consider this your interview…

Within the city of Calenpore is a hidden temple dedicated to the Storm Lord, a fickle and cruel diety to be sure! Procure a Talisman from the the temple by any means you deem necessary. A warning though, these talismans are well guarded by the clergy and only higher ranking members have one in there possession. Again, I leave the details of obtaining a talisman up to you, but know that you will be watched and judged accordingly.

Very Sincerely Your’s,

Semon Hiverion

After reading the scroll…The adventure is set in motion and you find your way heading to Calenpore….

What you do next….may soon be the start of a new legend!

I hope to see you all tomorrow! Please let me know if you can or can’t make it!




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