Welcome to the Isle of Forgotten Dreams!

Not far off the shore a great island rests. Thick jungle rings its white sandy shores like a living wall and the mountain peaks that jut up like great teeth are always shrouded in a deep clinging fog.

Many have gone there seeking fame, riches or adventure…but those that leave the relative safety of the shore are never seen again. They say the jungle is alive, that the trees themselves guard the forbidden ruins of the island. Others say that the island is cursed, and that the dead walk behind the trees, full of hate and spite for the living.

This hasn’t stopped people from trying mind you. Kings and Queens alike have spent fortunes trying to lay claim to the island. Countless settlements have been attempted but all have had the same tragic results….

The jungle of this island is without question dangerous beyond reasoning, but that doesn’t mean the beaches themselves are a safe heaven either. Pirates, smugglers and yes…even more militia from some foolish king trying to lay claim at any given time can be found calling this place home.

What motivates people to risk there lives an enter such a place you might ask? Well..there is the Legend of Vasheron to thank for that! Sure, the islands natural resources and strategic value are of great interest to many, but what most care about is the legend.

The Legend of Vasheron is an old tale, any bard worth his salt could tell it. Long ago on the Island of Dreams there once existed a powerful and prosperous empire. They started out humbly enough, but in what seemed like a blink of the eye, a mighty and far reaching empire based of trade seemed to spring up over night. This empire grew to have influences almost everywhere, having embassy’s in almost every major city and town. It was rumored that the rapid success of the once small island town was thanks to an artifact that the Emperor wore at all times. No one is certain how he came by such an item, or what the full extent of its powers where, but it did seem that whatever the Emperor wanted. He soon got thanks to some mystic whimsical force. The artifact looked like nothing more than a plain but ancient ring made of black coral and gold.

The details of what happened next differ from teller to teller of the legend but one thing is clear, jealousy over who controlled the ring was the downfall of Vasheron. A civil war broke out between the ruling family’s. Few escaped the island with there lives, and fewer still retained their sanity. But many claim that they saw the emperor die fighting his own kin, raving mad and unleashing unimaginable powers against the people and his foes alike.

Not long after the emperor fell, violent earth quakes racked the island and the emperor along with the ring disappeared beneath the ruble.

So is the tale of the Isle of Dreams…now known as the Isle of Forgotten Dreams. Many have wasted there lives to find the emperor and his legendary artifact…will you be one of them? Or will you find it? Or perhaps something greater in the ruins of Vasheron?!

The Isle of Forgotten Dreams

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